Negotiate the Best Deal – It’s Not Always Price

In every market there are still some buyer who make ridiculously low offers so I tell all my sellers to expect them. I just ask that you try not to consider a low offer an insult but to think of it as a starting point for negotiations.

When an offer comes in I will call you to go over it and will explain the positives and the negatives. Depending on your situation you may find the terms other than price to be just as important to you, such as closing date and financing type. My job is to help you consider all the options so you make the best decision for your situation.

We will review the sold comparables to see if the offer is reasonable and to help justify any counter offers. Most offers are signed by the buyers and submitted to the listing agent, then everybody negotiates verbally until an agreement is reached. Next the offer is updated and signed by all parties.

In most cases the less motivated party will get the better deal. As your Realtor® I will not disclose you motivation to the buyer’s agent without your permission, but I will try to get as much information about the buyer’s motivation! You and the buyer will be emotionally attached to the outcome, but my job is to help you set aside your emotions and help facilitate a price and terms that are acceptable to both.

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