Know the Real Estate Market – National, Local and Neighborhood

You might be wondering why we need to understand not just the Tampa Bay Real Estate market, but the market from the national level all the way down to your neighborhood level as well.

It is important to understand the national market because that is what most people hear about every day from the media and that is what most people believe is happening in Real Estate. So if we are thinking like a buyer, we need to know what they are thinking. Does that make sense?

Next we need to understand what is happening in the Tampa Bay market because Real Estate is local and what is happening here can be very different from what’s going on at a national level. And of course, buyers don’t just look for homes in your community. They’ll be checking out other areas of Tampa so we will need to know our competition. 

Finally we need to know what is happening right here in your community within about 1-3 miles, because the homes that are listed and sold here are what appraisers and savvy buyer’s agents will use to determine the value of your home.

Unfortunately the buyer is the one who sets the value of your home because it is only worth what the buyer is willing to pay and if the buyer is financing their purchase, even that price has to be verified by their lender with an appraisal.   

 So I can help you better, We’ll look at all three areas of the market and the homes that are currently listed and sold in your community when talk about how to price your home.

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