I am constantly amazed at the various levels of marketing I see on homes that are listed for sale.

Given the fact that any seller can do a Google search on their home address and see a sample of how their home is being listed, I’m surprised that so many homes are still marketed poorly. I sometimes have to wonder if sellers are fully aware of how their homes are being marketed.

In order to get top dollar for your home, it is important to show your home in it’s best light. Simple things like de-cluttering your home, a thorough cleaning, professional photos and a great listing description can make a huge difference.

A professional agent should make suggestions on how you can make your home shine while listed for sale. Always ask if your agent will use a professional photographer. I really can’t stress this enough. We often see bathroom photos of just the toilet with the toilet seat up! This is definitely not showing your home at it’s best.

When discussing listing your home with a real estate professional always ask how they will market your home. A true professional should show you samples of how your listing will show in the multiple listing service (MLS), tell you that they use a professional photographer, show you samples of their listing descriptions and offer a referral for a consultation with a home stager.

If an agent doesn’t offer most, if not all of this information, at a listing appointment then I strongly suggest you interview another agent. If not, it may cost you by bringing your home to the attention of fewer buyers, which can result in a lower sales price.