Sellers often ask whether they should wait until spring to put their house on the market. The truth is, waiting until spring to list your house no longer makes sense.

Many sellers believe that more buyers move during the summer and therefore waiting until spring must be the best time to list their house for sale. That is precisely why listing at other times of the year can net a seller more money at the close of the sale. 

Statistics confirm that more homes are listed for sale between April and June each year, so waiting to list means you’ll have lots of competition. More competition means buyers have more options. This can cause buyers to negotiate harder to get what’s best for their needs and even walk away if they find a better deal.

If you list when buyers have fewer options it provided you with a little more leverage during negotiations. More leverage can mean more money in your pocket at closing.

Let’s get together today to discuss why it makes more sense to list your house now!